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Asia Web Direct attracts travelers researching regions all over Asia, exposing our hotel and tour partners, and advertisers to a targeted audience. Not only is our audience targeted, it is large - 2.4 million visitors are attracted to our sites each month through our search engine marketing efforts and quality destination information, that ensures our sites rank highly with those searching for travel information on your regions.

In addition, our business partners are assisted by a dedicated Asia Web Direct team member to help them get the best out of being listed on our sites. We have team members in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Samui, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Osaka who regularly travel throughout their regions to visit our valued partners.

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For Hotels

In addition to being listed on one of Asia's leading travel websites, listing your property with Asia Web Direct gives you access to free promotional opportunities including:
Best Selling hotels - Highlighted on the front page of each portal
Newsletters - Region specific newsletters highlight the best deals for our consumers. Sign up now [link to sign up page]
PR and Marketing exposure - the best accommodation deals are often selected by our PR team to promote to the media. There are also many opportunities through our marketing activities for hotels to gain additional exposure in online campaigns and through traditional media.

Other benefits of listing your hotel with Asia Web Direct include
Choice - Use our easy-to-use extranet facilities to have full control of your rates and room allocations.
Flexibility - Your hotel page can display rates from Asia We Direct's two extranet facilities as well as through contract rates.
No Risks - Customers pay in full upfront or pay a deposit at the time of booking. There are no set-up costs, and you receive booking details online and via email immediately.

Sign up online now and your hotel could be live within 48 hours.

For tour companies

If you offer a world-class, professional tour product, you should speak to us. Our destination sites are trawled through by 2.4 million visitors per month looking not only for accommodation, but also for things to do when they arrive. Additional promotional avenues for tours listed on our sites include:

Editors choice - highlights and reviews a tour of note
Top ten tours - displayed on the main tours page and throughout the destination site
Recommended tours - highlighted with pictures on the front page of the tours section
Agent Support - our professional team recommend your tours directly to consumers who make enquiries
Newsletters - Weekly, region specific newsletters highlight the best tours to our consumers. Sign up now [link to sign up page]

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For Advertisers

More ways to stop web traffic

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of advertising online, as the Internet takes a more prominent role in peoples lives and homes. Asia Web Direct's high search-rankings and content-rich travel sites provide a great way for companies to reach independent, discerning, tech-savvy travellers.

We offer many opportunities for advertisers across our destination sites to suit your budget. What's more, our global reach means we can tailor advertising packages to suit our clients, whether a small company or a multi-national with commercial interests in every major city. We have many kinds of advertising products available, and would happily forward a detailed sales kit with rates to you.

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