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The town of Sapa in Vietnam is 350km northwest of Hanoi, located in Lao Cai Province. The quiet town of Sapa was not included on the national map until the French arrived in Tonkin in the 19th century. It was the French who acknowledged the town and utilized it for military and religious purposes. Sapa only became accessible to tourists in 1993.

Sapa is home to a number of natural attractions, the most famous of which is the Fan Si Pan, the highest peak in Vietnam. The town is where the Hoang Lien Son mountain range is located, and this features Fan Si Pan. The summit of the mountain is just 19km from town, but the trip to the top is made difficult by the weather and the terrain. The peak can be visited all year round, but only those with mountain climbing endurance can truly appreciate the summit.

Another Sapa attraction is the Hoang Lien National Park, where the Fan Si Pan is situated. This forested park serves as a wildlife sanctuary for many species, particularly those which are endangered.

Others places to see within the park are the Cat Cat Village and the Ta Phin Cave.

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