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Hue may not be considered as a tourist destination, but the place offers many attractions to travellers. This is a historically significant city: it used to be the Imperial City before it became the nation's capital during the Nguyen dynasty. It is also where several royal tombs can be found. While most of the structures in Hue were damaged during the war with the French and the Americans, there are still a lot of things worth seeing in the area. 

The city of Hue combines both ancient features and modern touches, and this dichotomy is outlined by the Perfume River. The west bank of the river is where the ruins of the Citadel and the Imperial City, as well as remarkable ancient architecture, can be found (complex of Hue monuments). The east bank is where more contemporary facilities such as hotels and restaurants are situated. The Trang Tien Bridge is what connects the citadel area to the new town.

One of the most notable things about Hue is the food. The local cuisine is distinct, and is best tried streetside. Two must-try dishes are bun bo Hue and banh khoi.

Hue Hotels

Than Thien Hotel  
Park View Hotel Hue  
Century Riverside Hotel  
Romance Hotel Hue  
Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa  
Tam Giang Resort & Spa  
Canary Hotel Hue  
Hue Smile Hotel  
Ana Mandara Hue  
La Residence Hotel And Spa  
Pilgrimage Village Hue Resort & Spa  
Imperial Hotel Hue  
Gerbera Hotel Hue  
Camellia Hue Hotel  
River View Hotel Hue  
Waterland Hotel  
Ideal Hotel Hue  
Asia Hotel Hue  
Saigon Morin Hotel  
Festival Hue Hotel  
Duy Tan Hotel  
Gold 2 Hotel Hue  
Vina Hotel Hue  
New Star Hotel Hue  
Duy Tan 2  
Mondial Hotel Hue  
Crown Hotel Hue  
Original Binh Duong 3 Hotel  
2 You Hotel  
Original Binh Duong 1 Hotel  
Original Binh Duong 4 Hotel  
New Life hotel  
Hue Sports 1 Hotel  
Tran Ly hotel  
Bao Son 1 Hotel  
Nhu Phu Hotel  
Tigon Premium Hotel  
DMZ Hotel  
Thai Y Hotel  
Truong Giang Hotel  
Ngu Binh Hotel  
Thien An Hotel  
Banyan Tree Lang Co  
Lotus Hotel Hue  
Midtown Hotel Hue  
Thanh Thao Hotel  
Moonlight Hotel Hue  
Thanh Uyen Hotel  
Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa  
Lam Bao Long Hotel  
Hue Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa  
Amigo Hotel  
Hai Dang Hotel Hue  
Bao Son 2 Hotel  
Phong Nha Hotel Hue  
Truong Phu Hotel  
Victory Hotel Hue  
Hue Serene Palace Hotel  
Hue Queen Hotel  
Phoenix Hotel 1  
Ngoc Huong Hotel  
Thai Binh 2 Hotel  
Best Western Premier Indochine Palace  
Champa Hue Hotel  
Why Not Hotel  
Jade Hotel Hue  
Hue Thuong Hotel  
Miki Hotel  
Hue Queen 2 Hotel  
Hoang Tuan Hotel  
Bao Minh Hotel  
Alba Thermal Health-Thanh Tan Spa & Resort  
Tigon Blanc Hotel  
Champa Lang Co Hotel  
StarCity Hotel Hue  
Orchid Hotel Hue  
Ancient House Hotel  
Valentine Hotel Hue