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Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is located on the banks of the Red River, about 100km from the river's mouth. It is said that humans have inhabited the area as early as the third century B.C. 

In 1010, King Ly Thai moved the capital to Dai La. On the way, the king saw a golden dragon ascending from the Red River. He then decided to rename Dai La to Thang Long, which means 'Ascending Dragon.' Thang Long is the city currently known as Hanoi. King Minh Mang gave the city its present name in 1831. 'Ha' means river and 'Noi' means within. Thus, the name of the city means 'within the river.'    

The appeal of Hanoi lies in its perfect combination of the old and the new. The city features the exotic charm of old Asia and the face of the modern and contemporary Asia. Of course, the French influence still remains in the city many years after the French left Hanoi. Those who travel to Hanoi should not miss the Old Quarter, a web of bustling streets that has been a centre of commerce for almost a thousand years, as well as the History Museum.

Ba Dinh District Hotels

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Bella Vita Hotel  
Royal Gate Hotel  
Sunny Hotel Hanoi 1  
Khan Quang Do Hotel  
Moonview Hotel 2  
Anh Hotel  

City Center Hotels

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi  
Somerset West Lake  
Golden Spring Hotel  
Hong Ngoc Cochinchine Hotel  
Esalen Hotel  
Santa Hanoi Hotel 2  
Van Mieu 1 Hotel  

Hoan Kiem District Hotels

Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel  
Mango Hotel Hanoi  

Old Quarter Hotels

Splendid Star Boutique Hotel  
Calypso Legend Hotel  
Mai Charming Boutique Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Golden Palace Hotel  
Gondola hotel  
Paradise Boutique Hotel  
May De Ville Legend Hotel  
Golden Orchid Hotel  
Aquarius Legend Hotel  
Hanoi Emotion Hotel  
Hanoi A1 Hotel  
The Jasmine Hotel  
Hanoi Sunshine Suites  
Tran Hotel  
Golden Legend Hotel  
Hanoi Home Hotel  
Camellia 5 Hotel  
Hanoi Luxury Hotel  
Rising Dragon Haven Hotel  
Hanoi Four Seasons Hotel  
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Viet Fun Hotel  

Other Districts Hotels

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Calvin Hotel  
Victory Hotel - Dong Da  
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Garco Dragon Hotel  
Times Hotel