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Da Nang

Da Nang is Vietnam’s fourth largest city.  It also serves as one of the most significant seaports in the central region and is situated in central Vietnam between the capital city Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Bordered by Thua Thien-Hue on the north and Quang Nam on the south, Da Nang is separated from Laos by the western Truong Son Mountains.  During the war, Da Nang served as the landing site for the first batch of American soldiers officially dispatched to Vietnam. The city was initially named Cua Han before it was called Tourane by the French; it was referred to as Thai Phien before it got its present name.

Da Nang is rich in both natural wonders and manmade attractions. Places worth visiting in the area include the Marble Mountains, Cao Dai Temple and Da Nang Cathedral.  One stop that should not be missed by tourists is the Cham Museum. Built in July 1915, it is home to ancient statues and idols from the Champa Kingdom. To date, it is the only museum in the world devoted to Cham culture. Another noteworthy Da Nang attraction is China Beach (My Khe).

Da Nang Hotels

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Vinpearl Luxury Danang Villas  
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Sea Wonder Hotel  
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Vinapha Hotel  
Thai Duong Hotel Danang  
Seventeen Saloon Hotel  
Song Xanh Hotel Danang  
Luna Diamond Hotel Danang  
Brown Bean 2 Hotel  
Da Nang Port Hotel  
Golden Beach Hotel Danang  
Bao Quyen Hotel Danang  
Fansipan Danang Hotel  
Thanh Tien Hotel Danang  
Muong Thanh Da Nang Hotel  
Gopatel - Golden Palace Hotel Da Nang  
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Brilliant Hotel  
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Pullman Danang Beach Resort - Previous Lifestyle Resort  
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Homelike Apartment  
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Blue Ocean 2  
Golden Sea Hotel  
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Danang Riverside Hotel  
Champa Hotel  
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Kara Guest House  
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