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Battambang is the capital city of a province of the same name in Cambodia.  Located near the Sangker River, the city is the leader in terms of rice production among all provinces in the country.  Battambang serves as the crucial link, connecting Northwest Cambodia with Phnom Penh and Thailand.

At present, more and more people are taking notice of Battambang and the city is becoming more developed with more restaurants, cafes and hotels in the area.  Like many places in Cambodia, Battambang has beautiful surrounding views, ruins and of course, temples.  Aside from the calm riverside atmosphere, the city also has impressive French colonial architecture.

The great thing about Battambang is that it is a city which provides tourists with the necessary facilities, but it is not overwhelmed.  One can enjoy a comfortable stay in the city without worrying about the influx of tourists and overcrowding.  Moreover, tourists in Battambang can see a glimpse of Cambodian rural life.

Battambang Hotels

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